Initial Plastic Card Order$6.50Per CardIncludes standard shipping. Paid once when ordering your first card.
Plastic Card Replacement
$19.95Per CardIncludes standard shipping. Payed once or when issuing a replacement plastic card.
Account Maintenance$35.00AnnuallyFrom available balance.
Card Load FeeFREE
Wallet to Card Transfers FeeFREE
POS Purchases$0.20 Local Tax
+ 1%
Per Payment
Foreign Currency Purchases/ATM2.75%Per TransactionIf you attempt to make a purchase in a country that doesn’t accept USD, then you will be subject to the 2.75% segcard exchange fee in addition to the currency conversion rates determined by the Visa network.
Minimum Load Fee$2.50A monthly minimum load of $100 is required, otherwise the account is subject to this fee.
ATM Withdrawal$3.50 + 1%Per TransactionWhen withdrawal or disbursement is requested (your ATM/POS service provider may also apply their own additional fees).
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee$1.00Per Transaction(Your ATM/POS service provider may also apply their own additional fees)

Limits are based on monthly card deposits (loads). Any amounts higher than a set load limit, will be automatically sent to the virtual wallet.

The following example is for card load ranges $1,000-$5,000 a month.

ItemPrice LimitsTransaction Limits
POS Purchase$600 per Transaction
$1,000 per Day
$5,000 per Month
20 per Day
50 per Month
*The above also applies to Card Not Present (CNP) transactions
ATM Withdrawal$500 per 24 Hours
$1,500 per Month
Withdrawal: Min $5, Max $500
2 per Day
10 per Month
OTC/Bank Teller Transactions$5 per Day
$500 per Month
2 per Day
10 per Month